Interim Manager

Harley is the Chairman and one of the founding Partners of The Bayard Partnership; a multi-disciplinary group practice specialized in solving complex business problems, either via hands on project and change management or via coaching and consulting.

Harley has a proven track record working for a wide variety of companies in all kinds of sectors. From small and medium sized businesses to global multi-nationals. Over the last thirty years he has built a reputation for routing out and tackling the core problems facing his clients. With the pragmatic tools that he has developed he is able to help them bring about long term solutions.... ... [more]


Harley's third book, Transition, will be released on the 11th of December 2013."Transition is a business story that touches your heart and mind. The author puts you in the first row, witnessing a company attempting to leap into the 21st century." Katrin Derboven

Harley's second book, 'Inspirational Leadership' was released to great Acclaim:

"No theoretical nor pure consultancy talk, but 'real life' and lived through lessons from a real business professional. A must read!" George Anthoon, Executive Director Human Resources, Axa Bank & Insurance.

Harley's first book, ‘Making a Difference’ was published in 2007. It includes his nine-step approach to solving complex business problems. Click here to view some extracts of  the book.

Lecturer - Public Speaker

Harley informs, educates and entertains all at the same time, he's
engaging and charismatic - a true motivational speaker.

"Harley is a talented, dynamic speaker, whose talks I find both insightful and entertaining. He delivers his unique blend of wisdom and humor in a compelling, easy-to-follow style, combining solid business advice with illustrative true-life stories."

Larry Moffett, Managing Partner, e-Strategy  ... [more]


Harley started his weekly blog back in April 2007.  Initially it was an idea from his publisher to attract attention to his book that was to be published later that year. Today his blog attracts regular readers from all over the world.  Covering such topics as;

Business leadership, change management, project management, business process design, innovation and much more, his blogs have depth and meaning but are often funny and light hearted all at the same time.

Harley's blog is available via a weekly newsletter and is also available in an MP3 format

Visit Harley's blog here.

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